Like many others, you may wish you were happier or felt more successful and fulfilled.
I’m Dr. Natasha Khazanov, and it’s my mission to help people change their stressful, negative mindset and enjoy more success by adding some serious G.R.I.T.

G rowth
R esilience
I ntegrity
T enacity

Leading research shows it’s these four qualities that link successful, fulfilled people. And best of all, G.R.I.T. can be increased at any age, unlike IQ, using simple and natural techniques.

The things that stress us out in the modern world are no longer life-threatening, like saber-toothed tigers, as they were for our ancestors. Instead, what gives us anxiety is taking a test, speaking in public, or performing at work. So why do we allow our brains to react the same way now as they did ages ago, with fear and panic that makes us flee from our stressors as if they were nipping at our heels?

We can’t wait for evolution to help us, but luckily, we don’t have to. We can retrain our brains easily and effectively right now. Through cutting-edge therapy that fosters flexible, positive responses, I can help you build up your G.R.I.T. By teaching your brain to stay calm instead of run away, to bend rather than break, you can adapt to stress and develop the confidence to go after what you want.

Whatever success means to you, fear and anxiety shouldn’t keep you from it. Learn how to get your G.R.I.T. on — and realize your full potential and happiness.

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